The 9/11 Crusade, A Fact-Based Novel

" engrossing,
I'd forget
I was reading!"

"Audacious plot
has believability
with meticulous

"Yes, its a work
of fiction, but it's
the reality that
got me hooked..."
"Is it a mystery,
a thriller, or
All of the above!"


The 9/11 Crusade is a work of fiction.
What makes it so compelling is that it revolves
around the ongoing debate concerning the events of 9/11.
The only point of view I have is that there is a debate and the issue
is not settled.

One blogger commented that too many people would have to be
implicated in keeping the secrets, if there was a conspiracy to
prevent the truth from being revealed.
Very good people will keep secrets if they think they are
protecting something or someone they treasure more than the truth.

Another blogger demanded to know what would be gained by
knowing the truth. Would anything change?
Yes, something would change. You would change.

It can be very scary to realize your life was so drastically changed
by a horrific event and an epic lie. The following link will take
you to a PDF file of another book that may help you.
There is no charge and you are encouraged to save
the file to your computer and print it out.
The John Kennedy-Jesus Christ Connection

9/11 Crusade A Fact-Based Novel by N.L. Hopkins Front Cover

Welcome to the
9/11 Crusade Website

The purpose of this website is to provide direct links to websites listed in the
reference notes at the end of the novel.

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Reference Information: There are additional references to what was in the novel indicated by **.

The average citizen will not have known many of the facts presented in this book. Only those having the time and motivation to follow various threads of questions and challenges to the official explanation would be exposed to nine years of debating the truth.

The following are brief notes pointing to reference sources, to aid anyone interested in determining the truth for themselves. It should be noted that information is disappearing from the internet and some of these references may not be valid. While doing a web search of anything you question is recommended, be careful the search does not bring up just one side of the debate. My website is


TIME LINE for events of 9/11:


The main reason I favor a controlled demolition over the government's version of pancaking collapse, stems from the 1993 attack on the towers. If put in charge of security, I would have put in a failsafe demolition system if possible. It seems the prudent thing to do.

Plus, it simply looked like a controlled demolition, especially in regard the massive expansion of the debris as the towers were coming down. It was hard to reconcile what I saw to the idea of floors falling on top of each other. And, the debris field was less than ten stories high, while the towers had been 110 stories. What happened to the buildings? And, the government only presented one collapse explanation when each tower had completely different wounds.

There are an impressive amount of books and websites pro and con dedicated to this discussion. The following websites are suggested:

- For an overview of the subject both pro and con

- Disputes official version:

* demolition-on-911.html




- Supports official government report

MICRO-NUKES: The novel does not make a determination one way or the other regarding the possibility some sort of micro-nuke explosive was used as part of the installed demolition system. This seems to be an ongoing discussion and it is recommended you search “micro-nukes and 9/11”.


-The facts presented reflect what was known at the time.




-The 9/11 Commission concluded:

The SEC and FBI, aided by other agencies and the securities industry, devoted enormous resources to investigating this issue, including securing the cooperation of many foreign governments. These investigators have found that the apparently suspicious consistently proved innocuous.

OKLAHOMA BOMBING, COUNTER-TERRORISM BILL: If you search the previous phrase, you will access numerous websites like

- To see more on the bombing -



PATRIOT ACT: To begin a search -


MILITARY FAILURES: Although Marty is suppose to have had a conversation with a military person who was at the Northeast Air Defense Sector on 9/11, the information is based upon an August 2006 article by Michael Bronner in Vanity Fair






HIJACKERS ALIVE: Numerous articles are available with an internet search.






A friend of mine was working at the Pentagon on 9/11/2001, although not in the building when it was hit. Days before the attack, he told me about the 3-year construction to strengthen the west wall. He was in the process of moving his desk for the third time since construction began.

After the attack he said one of the wheels of AA77 ended up where his desk used to be. Thus, from the very beginning I believed the official version of the Pentagon attack. Proving that version in light of a multitude of writings claiming something else was problematic.

Finally Mike Wilson of Integrated Consultants, Inc. created a computer animation. That computer programming was attributed to Marty Martin in the novel.

- To see Mr. Wilson's actual computer video “911 Case Study: Pentagon Flight 77": or

- For details regarding the entire Pentagon attack debate:





- BBC Premature Announcement:

- Overview:



- Fires:


- Overview:



- Operation 911 - No Suicide Pilots:

- Auto Land System:

- WAAS System:



- Precision Landing:

- Conference on Precision Landing Systems:

- GPS:

- GPS System:

- GPS on 911:

- UAV: vehicles

- Instrument Landings:

- Anti-Hijacking Patent search “United States Patent 6,641,087"

- Waypoint & GPS:

- FedEx and other auto flights:



NOTE: Photographs discussed in the novel are real. The problem with including them is copyright. It was impossible to determine which photos were copyrighted and who owned the legal rights.

THERMITE: Google archived cache or do a search


**For a dispute of the use of Directed Energy Weapons:

You can go to Dr. Judy Wood's website which is essentially the only source for detailed analysis of this concept. Since publication of the novel The 911 Crusade, Dr. Wood has published her theory in a text book format that is the best presentation of her studies. The book can be purchased at To see Dr. Wood's theory on the Internet, I suggest beginning at

As the data presented by Dr. Wood is huge, the following pages will take you directly to photographs discussed in the novel:

To see the first three photographs Sarah shows Sid (two fire trucks and the Hazmat truck, as well as the upside down car demonstrating levitation go to

For photographs of cars on FDR Drive go to

For photographs of the parking lot and rusted cars go to

To see the image of Door Handles gone go to:

To see testimonial information on failing and exploding metal tanks:

To see examples of levitation including the car on the fence go to

To see the column disintegration and other examples of things turning to dust go to

To see examples of rapid rusting, including the soldiers standing in front of a Pepsi truck, go to

For examples of fuming and dirt being brought into Ground Zero go to



To see examples of the Hutchison Effect go to website:

- Filing Cabinet:

- Bent Beam 1:

- Bent Beam 2:

- Bent Beam 3:

- No doors:

- Plastic ID cards:


NAZI: Just search “operation high jump invasion” where you can see video and website listings.

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